Meditation & Mindfulness for Teens

What if you could give your child a safe harbor in any storm?

Designed by a mom in collaboration with her teenagers!

Teenagers these days are under more pressure than ever before!


Support your teenager with 8 guided meditations, 3 PDFs, 30 positive images for phonescreen use, EFT Tapping Video for Anxiety & Stress Relief + more!

You want to help your teenager navigate through the trials of adolescence…but can’t fix their problems for them.

My teenagers were struggling, too! As a wellness advocate I had long been practicing meditation for myself to experience the benefits of:

  • Lower Anxietyc
  • Increased Resiliency
  • Greater self-worth
  • Increased confidence
  • Better sleep quality
  • A curiosity about the world

But when I set out to find my teens guided meditations online, I was disappointed!

  • All of the downloads I found were syrupy sweet for small children!
  • The “adult” meditations we found online didn’t address the same issues that our teenager’s face.
  • Many of them are 20-30 minutes! Try telling a teenager to sit still for 30 minutes to meditate!

As a Wellness Advocate & Belief Clearing Practitioner I set out to create what my children needed as they navigated the tricky years between childhood and adulthood.

  • Empower them to go within to connect with their own inner sanctuary.
  • Create a safe sanctuary that they can come back to anytime they need it.
  • Easy to access, very relatable content that makes them feel UNDERSTOOD.

The tables began to to turn…

Our dinner conversations became lighter. There was less nagging going on. They were interacting with us in a more positive, respectful way.

We added morning affirmations on the way to school, and that quickly became their favorite part of our harried mornings!

However, I ran into the same issue when searching for affirmation decks for teens. They were all meant for adults, or small children.

Nothing that addresses the issues that TEENAGERS are facing: social media, bullying, vaping, deadlines, honors workloads, body issues, athletics, siblings, etc.

So we set out to create our own.

These messages straight from the mouth’s of my high school & middle school children took on life as we crafted the into positive messages for YOUR TEEN!

Share them via text message, social media, or set as a phone home lock screen!

Emotional Freedom Technique for Adolescents

Tapping provides relief from:

  • chronic pain
  • anxiety
  • emotional problems
  • disorders
  • addictions
  • phobias
  • post traumatic stress disorder & physical diseases

Easy to learn and accessible from anywhere – EFT Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body’s energy meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power.

Meditation teaches us to RESPOND not REACT

16 Tips for Meditation Beginners!

Meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation, has become extremely popular over the last few years.

While meditation can be very simple, there are several common mistakes and misconceptions about meditation that you’ll want to avoid if you’re new to the practice.

Getting started on the right foot increases the odds of maintaining your meditation practice and getting the most benefits from it.

Along with the hard science of meditation, there are also numerous emotional benefits. All of the stress our teens undergo isn’t a light strain. It takes energy and thought to constantly concern themselves with all of their past mistakes and worries for the future. It doesn’t exactly leave space for being aware of the now. By helping our teens learn to stop, clear the mind, and just look at things as they are, we’re not only helping to unload a lot of constant mental weight, but also better management of their emotions.

Psych Central July 2018