Empowering practices for today's youth!

Lower anxiety, increase resiliency & experience greater joy through mindfulness exercises designed just for teens.

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What if you could give your child a safe harbor in any storm?

You want to help your teenager navigate through the trials of adolescence…but can’t fix their problems for them.
Support your teenager with 8 guided meditations, 3 PDFs, 30 positive images for phonescreen use, EFT Tapping Video for Anxiety & Stress Relief + more!

Teens & Tweens are under more stress than ever

Meditation has been proven to lower anxiety, increase feelings of self-worth and create a safe harbor within.
But when I set out to find my teens guided meditations online, I was disappointed! So we created our own. After implementing just a few mindful minutes each day, I was shocked.

Our dinner conversations became lighter. There was less nagging going on. They were interacting with us in a more positive, respectful way.

We added morning affirmations on the way to school, and that quickly became their favorite part of our harried mornings!

However, I ran into the same issue when searching for affirmation decks for teens. They were all meant for adults, or small children.

Nothing that addresses the issues that TEENAGERS are facing: social media, bullying, vaping, deadlines, honors workloads, body issues, athletics, sibling rivalry, etc.

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Increased Self-Worth

Promotes Positivity

Decrease Anxiety

ManifesTEEN Mega Bundle includes

Emotional Freedom Technique for Adolescents instructional video

If you are ready to arm your teen or tween with a set of tools that will take them through adolescence and lay a solid foundation for a mindful practice for the rest of their life. Easy to learn and accessible from anywhere – EFT Tapping is a set of techniques which utilize the body’s energy meridian points.

  • 8 Guided Meditations designed just for teens!
  • EFT Tapping video lesson – Alleviate Stress & Anxiety in 5 minutes with Acupressure & Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  • Guide – 30 Daily Affirmations to open commucation & increase positivity!
  • Guide – 11 Relaxation Techniques to Practice with your Teens & Children
  • Guide – 16 Tips for Beginning Meditators
  • 30 Inspiring & Fun Inspirational Quote Images to set as phone lock screen or for social media.
  • FREE BONUS: Affirmation “My Family is a Source of Strength & Happiness in my Life”

Mindfully created by a certified Meditation Instructor, Youth Wellness Advocate & mom.

Shannon Woodruff, C-MI, founder of ManifesTEEN

Who is this program for?

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High school students suffer a great deal of stress. From judgement by peers, pressure to perform academically and athletically, stress at home, etc. Teens today need time to really unplug!


The pressures start young! Children of any age can have symptoms of anxiety. The tools in this program are suitable for all ages!


With the step by step guide, easy, short meditations, and fun PDFs, this program is great for beginning adults, too!

Children > 8

With the step by step guide, easy, short meditations, and fun PDFs, this program is great for beginning adults, too!